16th President Kazuki HIROTA

Motto:When My Muscles Say No . . . I Say Yes

It is your mind that sets the limits.

As long as you think you can do it, it can be done.

16th Vice President: Shinji KAWATE

Motto:優游涵泳(A relaxed mind and a deep appreciation of learning and the arts.)

We’ll do our best to help you with your international exchange!

16th Vice President: Mina INOUE

Motto: We Make A Living By What We Get But We Make A Life By What We Give 

My hobby is yoga 🧘 I also like to eat food. Please let me know if there are any good places to eat.( ・∇・)

16th Senior EO: Maho IKI

Motto: Tomorrow will be tomorrow’s wind

I hope that this year I can be as active as a senior EO! Thank you very much for your support.

16th Group Exchange Department

Head: Kazuki TOSA

Motto: It’s a shame to ask, it’s a shame not to ask

I still feel like “Am I the right person to be the head of the department? but now that I’ve said I’ll do it, I’ll do my best! I look forward to working with you!

16th Individual Exchange Department

Head: Takuya TUTUI

Motto:百折不撓(No matter how many times you fail and how frustrated you feel, you must stand up for yourself. To be undaunted by any obstacle and to carry out your initial intentions.)

I had a provisional score of 330 on the TOEIC, but I’m trying my best!

16th International Planning Department

Head: Haruto SASAKI

Motto: Be kind to others, be kind to yourself

Above all, we want to have fun and keep the IP sector moving!

16th KEMONO-TIMES Department

Head: Rintaro MIZUGUCHI

Motto:Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

We want to keep the “KEMONO-TIMES” style that we have inherited from our predecessors, but at the same time we want to challenge ourselves to do new things without being bound by common sense!