What is IVSA?

IVSA, which stands for International Veterinary Students’ Association, is an international non-profit organization for veterinary students around the world, founded in 1951 and celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. There are currently 194 branches in the world, with its headquarters in Denmark.

The IVSA raises the standard of veterinary education around the world and contributes to animals and people around the world through cross-border student exchanges, workshops, and financial assistance. Its main activities include individual and group exchange programs among member countries run by students, symposia and conferences held twice a year in various countries, scholarships and material assistance to universities and veterinary students in financial need.

Information about IVSA can be found here.

What is IVSA Japan?


IVSA-J is IVSA-Japan, or the Japanese branch of IVSA, which acts as a link between Japan and other IVSA member countries. activities to establish the Japanese branch began in November 2007. We have participated in symposia abroad, visited veterinary colleges in Malaysia, and carried out advertising activities to make IVSA known to veterinary students in Japan. In 2011, the Asia Conference was held in Japan. Although it was postponed or cancelled due to the spread of the COVID-19, a second Asia Conference was planned for the spring of 2020 in Japan (no date has been set for the postponed conference).

 As one of the bureaus belonging to JAVS, I am also playing a role to bring JAVS closer to the world. As for my future vision, I am providing overseas-related services through EO, bulletin, delegation, and website so that more people who belong to JAVS will have the option to “go out to the world and work” and those who are already thinking about it will be able to think about it more concretely.

1.Enhancing networks between veterinary students both overseas and in Japan

2.Dissemination of information on the state of veterinary medicine globally (Japan and overseas)

3.Fostering presentation skills, planning skills, and the ability to express oneself, which are often lagging behind due to the passive classroom environment in Japan

IVSA-Japan will carry out its activities based on the above policies.

What is JAVS?

The Japan Association of Veterinary Students (commonly known as JAVS) is a student organization founded by veterinary students and for veterinary students.

  The purpose of JAVS is for each veterinary student to realize his or her goals and dreams together with good friends, and ultimately to be able to contribute to people, animals and society as a veterinarian.

In order to achieve our goals, we are working to provide a place for veterinary students belonging to 17 veterinary colleges across Japan to exchange information and opinions, and to create opportunities for interaction among veterinary students.

Currently, IVSA Japan is one of the branches of JAVS.

Click here to visit the official JAVS website.(Japanese)